Cleaning your dildo

Cleaning is one of the first things you’ll want to do after you unwrap that shiny, new dildo. The way that you clean your toy will depend on the material that it is made from. Before you walk out of the store or toss the wrapper, make sure you take note of the general material that your toy is made from so you know how to clean and care for it.

  • Leather – Leather is quite difficult to keep clean. Dildos made of leather should first be brushed with a foaming cleanser and brush, followed by a wipe down of hydrogen peroxide. If your toy needs additional cleaning, a saddle soap will work, and then always finish with a leather conditioner to restore the material and avoid cracks.
  • PVC/plastic – PVC and plastic dildos are very common because they are inexpensive. If you’ve experimented with many, chances are you’ll have a dildo made of this material stored in your arsenal. These toys are porous or micro-porous and should be cleaned with soap and water, and a little bit of rubbing alcohol afterwards. Spray on sex toy cleaners also work well.
  • Jelly/Latex – For you boys and girls that love the rubbery feeling, the jelly or latex dildos are probably all you have. These very porous toys can only be cleaned with a mild soap and water. There is no way to sterilized them because they cannot be boiled and alcohol degrades the surface. Your best bet is not getting them dirty at all –
    Use a condom.
  • Silicone Rubber – Silicone Rubber is a high quality material, hence the expensive price for toys made of this material. Silicone Rubber can withstand extreme temperature and therefore your dildo can be sterilized in boiling water or with a 1-part bleach 10-parts bleach solution. These toys are also dishwasher safe, so throw them in, that is if you don’t have kids! Of course soap and water is fine as well! Even though Silicone Rubber is durable it can crack and eventually tear, so always be careful.
  • Cyberskin – Cyberskin dildos are made of a very delicate material to maintain the real skin feel. These toys must be cleaned with a mild soap and water or special cleanser formulated for the material. Most Cyberskin toys come with a sample of the cleanser to get you started.
  • Borosilicate glass and metal – These dildos are the easiest to clean because of their non-porous surfaces and ability to withstand high temperatures. Borosilicate (Pyrex™) or metal dildos can simply be wiped down with soap and water, followed by rubbing alcohol. In addition both materials can be sterilized in boiling water.

Cleaning your dildo properly is the best ay to keep yourself safe and ensure a long life span for it. When cleaning with soap, always use an antibacterial. Remember to rinse well until water is clear when cleaning with any solution, to make sure all residue is removed. If your dildo comes in contact with blood clean it thoroughly and sterilized in a way that is suitable for the toy. Lastly, commercial cleaners are very convenient. Most are spray and wipe and specially formulated to remove germs and preserve the life of your toy. The good ones can even wipe the sticky goo off of new CD cases!

Whatever you choose make sure you read the instruction on your dildo and inspect it well before. Now get ready for some play and wash.

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